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What If A Scammer Approaches You For Work?

If someone listed on this site, or on others sites approaches you and asks you to do work, how should you answer? The polite way is to say "No, thank you" or simply not to reply to the email. BUT THIS WONT STOP THEM FROM SCAMMING!

The only way to make things like this blog work is to reply to them with the truth. Say, for instance, "I saw your name and email on a blog warning me about scammers. Because of that, I will work for you, but only on a pre-pay basis. You pay me first, and then I will do the work." The only way that we can stop these people is by making them aware that we all know what they are doing. Let them know upfront. Make them go to the trouble of changing their email addresses again and again again. It is one of the only things that we poor, unrepresented writers can do to try to stop it. Stand up for yourself. TELL them that you know they are a scammer.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Den Miller

Asked for 5 articles to be written at 3 $ each. Articles were sent, and Mr Miller responded that payment would be made soon. Payment was never made. Writer has been emailing Mr Miller to ask about payment for 7 months. Twice Mr Miller wrote back, telling the writer that payment would be made soon, and asking the writer to do more work in the meantime (which the writer did not do). No contact for 2 months. Owes 15$.


Anonymous said...

I am sure that Den Miller is also Den Shad, or

He owes me 72 dollars; is not willing to pay 'before articles are checked with copyscape' but always wants you to do think you are stacking cash, but you are not.

Makes excuses about payment, says that he might have to send a Western Union..

Creative Blogger said...

My personal reccomendation is that in cases like this you give them 2 weeks notice that they pay or you reserve the right to sell the articles on and publish them as you please. Ie, without payment you own the articles not them!

You futher advise them that any unauthorised use of the article by them will result in breach of copyright and legal action.

If you want to be polite about it so as to gain more work from them..don't bother! Do you want to work for someone who behaves like this?

Creative Blogger said...

I personally do not do any further work until I have rec'd full payment for work already sent. The sooner I am paid, the sooner I get back to work.

If you value yourself and your talent, don't be walked over. There is a ton of work out there and the market is growing.

Creative Blogger said...

Check this link for more tips:

Anonymous said...

This person will take your work, offer you more, and be perfectly friendly until you start to demand payment. Do not take work from him! If more of us unite together we can stop these scammers from ever getting started!

Liza said...

Creative Blogger - your ideas are very good, and they are ideas that we can all benefit from. One of the main problems is that no lawyers or courts will deal with small amounts of money. Often times people ask why we accept projects for 10 or 15 dollars - well some of us do so because adding up small jobs is the only way we can make a living right now! so it is tough to get our money because scammers know that there is nothing we can do.

All we can do is unite! Keep sending names and keep commenting if you've had an experience. And check this blog regularly!

Blondie - Pamela said...

Everyone that sebds articles out for payment needs to read my site on how to protect yourself. Article Scammers at

If you follow the steps, you will still be sole owner of your articles.