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Saturday, September 29, 2007

LCP - Laray Carr, Etc.

If you've been around the sites at all, you have probably heard about the issues going around with Laray Carr, or with LCP. There are many sides and facets to this story, but as far as we can put together, LCP posted some adds asking for writers at the end of August. They wanted writers to write articles for magazines, and they wanted them fast. MOST of the writers were asked to choose their own article titles and subjects, from a list of magazine titles. They were told that they would be paid 25$ for articles of 500-1000 words, and 50$ for articles of 1000-1500 words. MOST of the writers were given a contract as well. At the beginning ,the writers were told that payment would be made around the 20th of September, which was the launch date for the magazines. Later, SOME writers were told the launch had been pushed back - October 1st was one of the dates mentioned.

The writers got into a very heated discussion over at FWJ and other places as well during this time frame. There was a lot of research done into the websites that LCP owned, the people who worked for them, and everything down to the contract and the emails from the contact person, Hope Hunt, was scrutinized. Things got angry, heated, and very strange, for awhile.

September 20th came and went with no payment for writers. A few days later, a mass email was sent to ALL writers, (at least all that have come forward to say so) claiming that all of the work that was done was going to be scrapped and that no one would be paid for it.

The debate/question is thus: The writers had a contract that stated that they'd be paid on publication of the articles, and the articles, supposedly, aren't going to be published. However, the writers who have come forward on other sites have claimed that Hope Hunt told them they were NOT querying articles or assignments, but rather they were being ASSIGNED articles, and therefore payments WOULD BE MADE.

The debate in this whole thing is over what rings true in the end. The contract (that some claim was copied off of existing sample contracts on the web) or the emails from the contact person, stating that the articles were assigned and would therefore be paid?

Please debate.


Writers Warnings said...

(from an email to us)
These people are scam artists. DO NOT WRITE FOR THEM. They ask you to write for them with payment expected in the future. $50 per article. They DO NOT PAY!!! They send a nice, tidy little letter saying that us stupid writers did not properly understand the contract and they would not be paying for any work. Repeat: Avoid these people. They will cheat you. btw: they owe me $400. Sounds like their story is different from the one they gave to another writer you have listed on your blog.

Julie said...

Nothing to do but sell those articles. If you have an Associated Content account, post them there. Or try sending them to real magazines. Make sure you have copies of the original, heck, print them out and mail them to yourself for a date on it other than the computer generated date.

They can't legally use the articles or sell them. Might as well make some legit cash off of the work.

Writers Warnings said...

(From an email to this blog)

As many hardworking and dedicated freelancewriters have recently found out,we were all screwed by Hope Hunt - Larry Carr b.s. Publications. Me and darling wife took on freelance writing months ago as a way to supplement our
household income after i was laid off. We both love to right in our
respective areas of knowledge, expertise, and experience over many years. We joined and did what was required and asked of us with the contracts (which now seem to have just been for the benefit of making writers BELIEVE they are on the-up-and-up). We did quite a few articles; actually, we alot of
them. They werent short either. Usually in the area of around 2000 words; you know, the $50.00 per articles. We were so excited that we had seemingly 'met' their deadline; then something started to happen during the last weeks
of this past August. I had a number of article ideas that i thought would fit into some of their 'publications'. The responses i and my wife received said that she, Hope, was 'drowing' in the current issues' amount of work, but, to bring back the ideas in about 2 weesk.. that would make it sometine
around the end of August. Lo and behold.. the now infamous letter from Hope telling all of us that we have all been screwed by whoever and she is no longer involved; how convenient. We were looking forward to being paid almost $1000.00; we were going to use it to make up some past bills and go see my wifes parents in Fla. Now, cant pay the bills in full, and mostly,
my wife wont be able to see her parents for Thansgiving. We should see if there a way to persue some sort of legal action against those who did this to all of us. Class action, whatever.... you never know... dont believe in
just contracts..... DO RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!!!