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If you are mentioned on this site, and you think that you have been misrepresented, PLEASE comment to explain to others the situation. This is a place for writers to leave their own experiences about what has happened to them. If you have worked with a writer that is angry with you and has posted your name here, PLEASE defend yourself! We seek to explore all of the options and we want to hear your side of the story!

What If A Scammer Approaches You For Work?

If someone listed on this site, or on others sites approaches you and asks you to do work, how should you answer? The polite way is to say "No, thank you" or simply not to reply to the email. BUT THIS WONT STOP THEM FROM SCAMMING!

The only way to make things like this blog work is to reply to them with the truth. Say, for instance, "I saw your name and email on a blog warning me about scammers. Because of that, I will work for you, but only on a pre-pay basis. You pay me first, and then I will do the work." The only way that we can stop these people is by making them aware that we all know what they are doing. Let them know upfront. Make them go to the trouble of changing their email addresses again and again again. It is one of the only things that we poor, unrepresented writers can do to try to stop it. Stand up for yourself. TELL them that you know they are a scammer.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Tarang Bhargava

From an email:

"This person, who I have successfully received one payment from work completed for similar projects, has failed to pay me for over 135 articles. This individual owes me $337.50 and no amount of communication is getting through to this guy. His name is Tarang Bhargava and is from India, with an email address of He may change his email but his name still stands.

Apparently, he has failed to pay his partner for all the work he had completed and has since walked away from it to start a new business enterprise."


Tarang Bhargava said...

I am Tarang Bhargava and have many article directory websites and have been working with many writers.

Wendi has never been able to give me the exact report of how much work ha she done. She has been paid for the articles she wrote on my website.

Again I would say, if she needs money, she needs to post the articles at my website and I will pay her. Otherwise she cannot blackmail to give her money for the articles she has never pasted.

Moreover the initial articles that were posted to my websites had many grammatical errors and it looked like some immature person has done the work. She always keeps telling this was her staff error. I am paying her so I require error free articles.

Tarang Bhargava

Anonymous said...

Hmmmf .. this is funny coming from a person that was given many, many accountings of what was owed including a detailed spreadsheet. The last spreadsheet I provided listed every single article ever uploaded. Each article was fixed entirely to his specifications and fixed many of what he considered "problems" without fail or complaint. I had no issue doing this. I was only ever told about an initial 50 that were uploaded to his site that did not have the tagging added, which was fixed. Any grammar errors he claimed were there were fixed. His only issue is that he doesn't want to pay for what is owed.

I have since requested removing the articles from his site immediately or I will go after him in court for work completed and not paid for.

Mr. Harris said...

Tarang Bhargava just stole a school domain name from called He knows it is for a public school, yet he is trying to sell my name back to me. What a scum bag.

V. Harris

Anonymous said...

y u guys work for such a fraud he has even been to jail for his expertness in fraud. his main business is making fool out of innocent people. Held for online fraud

NEW DELHI: A web designer has been arrested by the Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the Delhi police on charges of cheating people on the pretext of selling mobile phones to them through an online shopping website.

The EOW recently received a complaint from Pankaj Sharma, a resident of Dilshad Colony, alleging that he paid Rs. 21,251 to a person through credit card for a mobile phone that he won in an auction on the shopping website but never got it.

Pankaj contacted the website officials who informed him that the person with whom he had struck the deal had opened an account with the site in the name of Amit Bhardwaj. When contacted, Amit told him that someone had misused his name to cheat him. The victim then got a case registered at the Seemapuri police station.

Investigations revealed that the person who had opened an account in Amit’s name had received the payments from at least three persons, two from Mumbai, through the shopping website using an account opened in the Saket branch of UTI Bank. The police obtained the IGNOU Road address of the company but found its office locked. Enquiries from its owner revealed that one Tarang Bhargava had taken it on rent. The new company office was traced to Rose Apartment on IGNOU Road and Tarang was arrested.

During interrogation, Tarang disclosed that after his schooling he did a web-designing course and set up his company in 2005. To make a quick buck, he allegedly started cheating people in the name of selling them mobile phones through the online shopping website.
this was the case.... so further don't work with this fraud

Anonymous said...

THE guy is a complete fraud.He advertises on blackhatworld selling cookie stuffing coaching with his ugly bird parulmehta who is also a crook. They buy epn accounts and shopping ads accounts from members therefater dispute the charges on paypal never to pay the sellers. They sell ebay accounts on fake information and he has also wrote a stupid book on it with his name claiming it is money dripping from the tap. I can give a copy of the ebook to any ebay official or paypal official or indian governing office. He and parulmehta should spend a lifetime in jail with each other instead of frauding innocent citizens who are vunerable. Please leave your email I will happily provide his ebook. His msn i.d is right now as we speak he has a header title saying: Need to make $2740/a day to reach Magic Million in an year!! Yes we know you going to fraud some more. Be warned everybody. Just google his name or Itarang scammer scam artist fraud!!!

Anonymous said...

as far as i know him the biggest thief in this whole world he make fool of He fill form form new registration by himself and with some fools who started there own business to. They all do fraud work filling form from himself and earing money. He recived $21000 check from through commision junction. I everything about him and his old servents. and thts no it he also cheats his childhood friend by her sister in her back. i can't tell u what kind of man he is.......

Tarang Bhargava said...

@ V. Harris
Buying and selling domains is my business. You missed the renewal date and godaddy sold it, why shud I be blamed!! You careless crap!

@ Anonymous 1
That case has been solved long back, go and feed your fckin ass with updates.

@ Anonymous 2
I am no fckin coward like takin an "anonymous" cloak. Post wid ur bloody name. Hell yeah ll reach a Million a Year and feed ur fckin asshole wid jealousy. If you had d balls enuf, u wud b sellin tat ebook before me n makin me.

@ Anonymous 3
Yeah I make money, I made $21000 and more, so? Ha! Does tat make you jealous.
Also, it's none f ur bizness who I sleep wid.

Anonymous said...

If the comment above actually was written by the person that this post refers to, I would encourage everyone to stay away from the person when it comes to writing work - because he obviously doesn't seem to be a writer.

Anonymous said...

yeah this Tarang Bhargava is a scammer and internet bogus fraudster.

He has new tricks up his sleeve to scam more people.

He does cookie stuffing and cheats EPN of money and he is doing this full scale and has an office in India doing this. I wonder how come EPN does not check on this ?

Also a new bogus site is set up for more bogus fraud.


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Anonymous said...

This same jerk ripped me off on a "custom article site" years ago. He told me he would create an aritcle site with a custom theme and setup, and then teach me how to drive traffic to it to make money with advertising.

I paid him hundreds of dollars to setup an out of the box article site script with an out of the box template. I could have EASILY done this myself as I know how to install scripts and run web hosting like 2nd nature. He made me believe the visual layout part, the theme, would be graphically unique... THAT is why I paid him, to have a CUSTOM looking site... but no, out of the box...

THEN, this jerk added links to tons of his websites on my site to build backlinks for him. He is a liar and a cheat. And yes, that parulmeta guy is either the same guy or the same type of guy.


Anonymous said...

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Tarang Bhargava arrested

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Rajat said...

What about, is it paying ?

Anonymous said...

Just stay away from them.. Tarang & Parul both are cheaters. They've chosen to live like that.

Anonymous said...

bloody frauds.................and they even cheat their employees i have worked their know a lot about both of them every time they have a new way to cheat they dont even pay their publishers even cheat advertisers by providing fake leads.

Anonymous said...

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