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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rahul Valia

We had this guy's name up here for awhile, and then it was taken down. However, we have gotten more and more complaints about him and not paying for work that has been done. This is an email from a person who has been scammed by him. He is very angry - and from the email you get the idea that even 24 dollars is a major deal to writers.

PAY THE WRITERS. EVEN SMALL AMOUNTS. Employers who do not pay writers will end up with major problems. Like this guy.

i just realized that the concept of being a gentleman and being a man of honor does not mean anything to you. I am not a man who would fight over a measly $24.00 but it is the principle of fairness that I need to meet your calousness head on.

You have had 24 hours to tell me to cancel the assignment but you did not. You even received the second installment and you still did not tell me anything. You only told me you're not going to use my articles after i sent the third batch. You even have the temerity to insult me as being lazy.

Unless you pay me for my trouble and apologize for the insult, I will reveal to the entire writing community all over the internet what a dishonorable person you are. I am not debasing myself by running after that $24. I am upholding my sense of honor. But then again, you may not understand such concept.

I am a writer, and I can write hundreds of articles about people like you.
I WILL. and I assure you that I will reveal your name and your different identities and e-mail addresses. I still have the transcript of our conversations and they speak a lot about the kind of person you are. It will be a worthwhile quest that will be picked up and followed by others that may have also been victimized (perhaps by you, too!)

It will be a worthwhile quest on the internet to expose this kind of brazen callousness. This brazen callousness that will also be written about by others will have a name: RAHUL VALIA a.ka. ailav_blossom, a.k.a champfreelance.

I am a writer, and I can assure you how effective i will be with words and evidence in this quest of exposing the kind of a person you are.

Don't be complacent if you see that I remain honorable with my choice of words in this correspondence, as I am giving you one chance to rectify the trouble you have caused me.


Mandy Robertson said...

There is a guy by the name of Calvin Dee. His email id is

He does not pay for the work ho gets written from writers like us.

Please avoid him at all costs. Well, if you work with him, you are not going to get paid anyways.

Krshna said...

I just saw his posting on Craiglist Bangalore. it seems! I googled his email ID because he had ridiculously tall claims. According to him, his writers earn 6000-20000 INR monthly, and that must put him somewhere at 100,000 which is kind of insane. and viola! here we are! This guy posts frequently on craiglist so watch out guys. I've been scammed before and boy do i want to put those people's names up! This is the greatest idea ever! I have another great idea though- all you have to do, when you realize someone has stolen your work and not paid you, is to simply create a blog ASAP and publish all those articles on it as different posts. They will show up as copy scaped results for his clients and he will lose business! I devised this tactic for another client that cheated me, but i thought she was away on vacation, so i kept giving her chances. Ultimately, the poor Indian student was robbed :)But this is a fantastic concept. I love it. I will review this site and put up a post honouring this blog on my blog as well. teh least i could do.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is one hell of an email. It felt as thought it should have ended with the slap of a glove, and an 'I said Good Day!'

Shalini said...

Hi Krishsna

It may seem impossible that people earn a lot of money on the internet -but actually you can if you know how it works. And although I do feel really sorry for this guy Rahul who scammed this writer. I guarantee you that Calvin Dee is not a scammer.

And as for putting up people's names up on a forum - you claim he's a scammer because you can't beleive good writers get paid 20k in freelance!!! come on man! You can so earn so much more!

Anonymous said...

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