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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

ME Consulting

Do any of you readers have a take on ME Consulting?

We've been looking around the internet and have found a few posts about problems with this company. It seems that they are NOT a scam, but have major problems. First of all, they pay very low - 2.50 to 3.00 an article. Some people take lots of work for this amount, and it doesn't bother them. However, not only do they pay this low, but they expect constant work. At least 10 articles a day. Some might say that this is good, solid, and constant work. However, they also only pay you the full amount of money if your articles are "accepted" by them. Not only that, but they don't tell you whether the articles you sent in were accepted or not. You just have to wait until payday to see if you are getting your full amount of money or not.

I don't have anything to link to, so please, if you have information about this group, post a comment!


LK said...

I have a major problem with these guys! I worked for them for about a month before Christmas. My first two weeks were great. They gave me lots of work, told me it was good, and told me that soon I'd be working "full time". The first paycheck, after the first two weeks, was exactly what it was supposed to be and I was very happy. Then is when the trouble started.

They told me that I'd be up for full time employment. Well, I was writing 10 articles a day for them at 3.00 each. That's only 30 bucks a day, so of course I had to do other work and have other employers so that I could pay my bills. I made the mistake of mentioning to them that I had other work to do, so I couldn't accept more than 10 articles a day.

They got very, very angry with this. I guess that they want their writers to write ONLY for them and to not have any other work. I told them that the only way I could work for them exclusively was if I could get 100 dollars a day from them. I was basically laughed at and told that no one pays that kind of money. So, I told them I could continue doing the 10 articles a day, but I couldn't be an exclusive writer. They began to ask me for more than 10 a day, and I kept telling them that I couldn't do that.

The next two weeks went by, and I was given my paycheck. It was only 120.00 out of an owed 250. I asked them why the paycheck was cut in more than half. They told me that there were problems with some of my articles and they couldn't pay me for them. However, they refused to tell me which articles hadn't been accepted, or which ones had been docked money. They told me that they didn't have the set up to tell people which articles were accepted until payday.

I told them I could no longer work for them. I can't afford to work for a place that gives me an arbitrary amount on payday, without giving me proof of why my pay was so little.

Also, after I told them I couldn't work for them any longer, they got extremely mean to me. Both people working for this company got very snippy and emailed me several times, telling me I was a bad writer, and I was incorrect about what I was saying, stuff like that. I'd stay away from them unless you are ready to do battle for each penny you are owed.

Liza said...

I had almost the same experience a few months ago. Signed up to work for them, but when I told them I couldn't do more than 10 per day at that cost, they fired me. They were also very mean and hard to work with. Very insulting, as well as threatening.

Anonymous said...

have had the same problem. they demand much too much work for tiny amounts of pay, and then turn around and only pay half of what they owe due to "editing".

Articles Flair said...
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Articles Flair said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, as owner of ME Consulting, I can only provide feedback for those writers listed here. I had a project manager at the time who advised me of certain things going on with the writing team and everyone was given a chance to resubmit work. Without getting in touch with such writers as LK to get this completed, it had to be done by the project manager. It amazes me that writers complained about the amount per article, yet, I was one of the higher paying groups ... just look at many jobs found on GAF where they want you to write for $1.50 per 500 word article.

I have had to shut down my company based on clients being very disgusted with the level of writing being produced by writers.

LK was not given much of her pay the second time as they were not even unique from article to article and some were found plagiarized. How can writers expect to be paid for passing off this kind of work.

If writers want to get paid $100 per day, they had better provide top notch work, not mediocre work.

LK said...

It is very typical for someone to accuse writers of plagiarizing articles when they indeed did not. I will not even bother to refute the claim because that's just what happens. People try to get away with paying small amounts of money to their writers or bullying them into doing much more work than is acceptable for that rate of pay - and when they come forward with a complaint, they accuse them of plagiarizing. That is very typical, and another sign that you might want to think carefully before accepting this type of work.

Anonymous said...

Also, in general, the level of the writing that you get will be directly proportional to the amount that you pay your writers. No one can afford to spend more than 5 or 6 minutes on an article if they are only getting 2.50 for it. They must keep their heads above the water and perform at a working wage. If you are farming out your work overseas, you can expect people to work harder for a much smaller amount of money, but then you might have to deal with that type of quality. Offering low wages means people will work for you in bulk, and do so quickly so that they can get on to the assignments that they REALLY make their living from. We are writers, we do something that a lot of people can't do, and we deserve to be paid for it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lesson learned here for many should be that if you can write quality English articles, you should NEVER do so for such a low price. It's easy to find someone willing to pay $0.02 - $0.03 per word for standard articles, and $0.05 per word for decent Copywrite.

Seriously, I don't even look on GAF anymore, because of the ridiculous prices these buyers are looking to pay. Protip: if you want quality, pay for it!