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If you are mentioned on this site, and you think that you have been misrepresented, PLEASE comment to explain to others the situation. This is a place for writers to leave their own experiences about what has happened to them. If you have worked with a writer that is angry with you and has posted your name here, PLEASE defend yourself! We seek to explore all of the options and we want to hear your side of the story!

What If A Scammer Approaches You For Work?

If someone listed on this site, or on others sites approaches you and asks you to do work, how should you answer? The polite way is to say "No, thank you" or simply not to reply to the email. BUT THIS WONT STOP THEM FROM SCAMMING!

The only way to make things like this blog work is to reply to them with the truth. Say, for instance, "I saw your name and email on a blog warning me about scammers. Because of that, I will work for you, but only on a pre-pay basis. You pay me first, and then I will do the work." The only way that we can stop these people is by making them aware that we all know what they are doing. Let them know upfront. Make them go to the trouble of changing their email addresses again and again again. It is one of the only things that we poor, unrepresented writers can do to try to stop it. Stand up for yourself. TELL them that you know they are a scammer.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sign-Up Scams

This one has been floating around for quite some time now on freelance writing . com and other work sites. An ad is put out for a freelance writer - sometimes saying they need articles of a certain type, sometimes mass articles and sometime just a few. Any emails sent to apply for the job are responded to with an email telling you that you have been selected as a finalist for a job, and that in order to be put "in their system" you need to go to a site and fill out information. This is anything from a book club to a site about online schools and degrees. Turns out you're being put onto mailing lists, and as soon as you do fill out your info you'll be contacted by people from the sites. Here is an example of the email that one person received:

"Greetings, thank you for applying for this position! I have reviewed your work and think it looks good. We are going to continue to review applicants at this time and we ask you to visit our website and register by getting information on one of the schools, the link is We will wait for you to do this and then contact you for next and final part in order to work with us. Thank you, we appreciate your interest.

Robyn Stone
Just Degrees Online

It is obviously a scam to get as many people to sign up as possible. No one has been offered a job from these people yet, that we've heard of. Let us know if it has worked for you!


Diana said...

I just applied to one of these and received the exact same response back from a Josh Porter. In the email they say to go to, but when I run the mouse over the link it leads to a different place. Definitely sounds scammy to me.

TF said...

I forwarded the email to the link I found under "Contact Us" at and they said they were going to look into it because all affiliates are told they can not do mass postings to boost traffic and increase their profits.

shampa said...

The blog is doing a great service by warning writers of scammers..! It is a shame that service providers do not pay up for the articles. It takes a lot of research and time to churn out articles and it is absolutely disgraceful when writers are scammed. It is great that sites like this have alerted writers of scammers.
Thanks a lot..!
Have noted all the email someone said in one of the comments..BIG RED FLAG!!

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