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Friday, November 14, 2008

Prefab Marketing, Hope Digest

From an Email
I had a contract with these people and everything was fine until around May or June when the checks, which werer contracted to go out on the 5th of every month suddenly started getting later and later. When I inquired I was told the signed agreement was not a contract but "merely guielines" and I could leave if I didn't like it. Myles Weaver, the CFO got nastier as the weeks went on when I disagreed about the obligations the instrument held them to. I was told my services were no longer needed. It has been more than a month the check has been due. I wrote the CEO who has not responded. I am in the process of notifying their advertisers of their unfair practices and my only alternative is to bring the company and those who support them to court.


Troppo Siciliana said...

I'm curious: did you sign a contract? After reading some of these scammer stories on here no one has mentioned signed contracts. If a client scams you and you sign a contract on both ends, you have a better chance of nailing them to the wall in court (if you proceed with litigation).

Anonymous said...

I worked for HopeDigest and am certain I know the writer of the above email that was posted because this person called me to complain with the same, I believe, bogus story. Though dozens like me, were in the same situation no one else saw things as she portrayed them.

First, and most importantly, there was no contract. I know I never received one. And I know no one else received one as I was friends with several of the writers.

I do know that the emailer frequently contacted the company using false identities and pretenses in order to execute a campaign that I'm pretty sure amounted to harassment. I don't know how much the disagreement was for, but the pay wasn't great. It couldn't have been more than $50 or so. And it wasn't just employees that suffered from her rants. She also called other writers with time consuming conspiracies of how she had a contract, while no one else did, and the company was concocting a story of financial difficulty in order to refuse payment to her. If she wasn't so annoying it would've been funny.

I shared my concerns that this person was out trying to do the company harm with management. I believe it was at this time that the CFO decided that enough was enough. He told her to make her case in court if she thought she was right. She never did.

I know HopeDigest is no longer in business. And it was the same financial difficulties that cause late payments to writers which also caused them to go out of business. However, I will say that to my knowledge all were finally paid.

I also want to say, I think this website is an absolute sham. It allows people to post an unsubstantiated tale, mention names, all while the poster remains anonymous... This amounts to the worst kind of gossip.